How to clean the stamp?

  1. For the very first use: Use a small sacrifice piece of dough to pick away any acrylic particles from machining (discard that piece of dough)
  2. Cleaning process takes place after every use right away!! It is simple — just place the face of the stamp in a dish with warm water and soap for about 15 minutes then rinse it with clean water to wash away remaining dough/flour  (if any)
  3. To keep the stamp safe and not dented It is recommended  to use Toothbrush and/or wood/plastic Toothpick (those are the only tools you may use)
  4. DONOT use any metal tools like screw drivers, knives or nails to clean the stamp’s engraving!! Those kind of sharp tools will leave permanent marks on the stamp and could also brake engraving edges. 
  5. DONOT put HD Stamps in oil followed by placing in oven!!! this treatment doesn’t apply to our composite material!!
  6. DONOT wash the stamp with the wood handle on! it is recommend to remove the handle (V0.2 and up) if you would wash the stamp under the faucet in a sink — wood may get cracks if soaked in water.
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